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Here at Bee Wild Sensory we are passionate about providing your little ones with sensory experiences inspired by nature. We source as many Australian made, natural and recycled tools and materials as possible so your child can have a wholesome hands on experience during our sessions. We provide home made play-dough (with no nasties!) at every one of our sessions, alongside various other activity stations such as:

- Potion Making 

- Mud Pies 

- Water Play 

- Cloud dough 

& so much more!!

So what's all the fuss about Sensory and Messy play? 

Sensory play is any type of play that engages the 5 senses. With so much technology and noise surrounding us today, getting back to these basic foundations is important to regulate and calm our little ones central nervous systems. Smelling flowers, splashing water, hearing rice tinker as it pours or even squishing play dough between their little fingers, the possibilities are endless! 

This type of play-based learning is vital to our little ones brain development, fine & gross motor skills, social interaction and overall physical and emotional well-being. 

During the past few years we've really missed interacting and connecting with one and other. We want to give our local communities a chance to connect again and give our kids the opportunity to ​just get messy, be creative and have some fun!

And the best part don't have to clean up!

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